October 4, 2012

Daily News October 4, 2012

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS to combine, creating value leader in U.S. wireless marketplace

Statement to be attributed to Olaf Swantee, CEO, EE

EE's 4G-ready smartphones go on sale today

Nokia mulls selling its headquarters

Ofcom, Delivering 4G mobile for consumers

MIIT to Issue TD-LTE Spectrum Plan in One Month

China market: China Mobile aims to sell over 100 million TD-SCDMA devices in 2013

LTE User Devices: GSA's products database increased to 467

Say hello to PlayStation Mobile

Thailand's Regulator Mulls Extending 2G Spectrum Licenses

Isis to pay USAT for adding NFC to vending machines

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Oracle Collaborate on Platform for Machine-to-Machine Applications

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