September 26, 2011

Daily News September 26, 2011

French telecom regulator ARCEP publishes the results of the awards procedure for 4G licences in the
2.6 GHz frequency band[uid]=1431&tx_gsactualite_pi1[backID]=1&cHash=136860fe4e

Samsung Galaxy S II global sales surpasses 10m units

SFR and Nokia Siemens Networks test LTE in Marseille

SFR offers customers free femtocells

India Department of Telecommunication(DoT) rejects Qualcomm’s concession application

BT Planning 500,000 Wi-Fi Hotpsots in London by 2012 Olympics

FT launches round one of Swiss sale, CVC’s involvement unknown

OTE Staff Agree to Wage Cuts to Save Jobs

Etisalat Launches LTE Network in UAE

Rumour Mill: Google running MVNO test-bed in Spain
Gartner Says Apple Will Have a Free Run in Tablet Market Holiday Season as
Competitors Continue to Lag

NTT DOCOMO to Increase Investment in Germany’s net mobile AG
Enhancement of net mobile’s payment platform in Europe through acquisition
of Bankverein Werther

FT Orange cool to Google Wallet, calls for m-commerce openness

Nokia’s CTO swap could be its turning point

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